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8 thoughts on “Work

  1. I just ran across this project after doing some routine research on one of my favorite bands rubyhorse.
    I’m thrilled to finally find a project by one its band members. What ever happened to rubyhorse? You guys were amazing! Can’t wait to try this out

    • Hi Rob
      Glad you found the site. Please enjoy. All the records are available through itunes & i will be putting up a store here very soon.

  2. Deccy!! Holy shitballs man. Ozzy here, used to work/drink/carry on etc at Flann O’Briens many moons ago. Been a long time. I was wathcin some rubyhorse on youtube and found my way on here….I wasn’t aware you and Mick Flannery had worked together… I’m organising his tour ot Australia in July! Heh!

    Great to see you’re still giving the world the benefit of your awesome songwriting talents. Hope you’re keeping well. Drop me a line if you get this buddy. Hup!


    • Of course Ozzy. In fact , i was only talking about you the other day.Someone asked me to name my most memorable gigs and i mentioned Whelans in Dublin. All i remember is you lepping about the place at the front of the stage. We had some good times over in Flanns too!

  3. Hi Decky,

    Absolutely love ‘A Little Rain’. Stuck in my head after hearing it, where can we get a full copy of it?


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