Been working on a track called ” A little Rain” possibly inspired by the weather in Ireland. Having not spent a January here in twenty years, i could happily avoid it for  another twenty. On a brighter note, i have been listening to my old vinyl records recently. I pulled out Born in the USA which was the first LP i ever bought. Still sounds awesome. So much a better listening experience that those damn mp3s.  Also was listening to “This is the Sea” by the Waterboys, also a fantastic record…..

Work wise, i am trying to channel my Branford Marsalis for a theme tune for a late night radio show. We will see where that ends up.

Jan 13th

Eighteen years today , myself and the Rubies left for the land of opportunity. Seems like yesterday. I invited Dave and Joe over to the studio to record something for old times sake which actually turned out great. Watch this space……..


May 31st

Believe it or not Rubyhorse are playing a little show tomorrow night…. Well some of us. There were times when i never thought it would happen but i suppose there is too much water under the bridge. Anyways, should be fun.

The Leftbank record is coming along pretty quickly now. Hoping to be done in a few weeks…..





wanted to share this track that some friends of mine recorded that i worked on. They are from Norway. INCA PEAK. I really like this song.



March 13th

If you have time , close your eyes and lose yourself in this. Truly magical….


March 6th

Been a while. Been to Thailand for six weeks with the family. They had to drag me kicking and screaming back onto the plane. I love it over there. People are so nice and the land is beautiful despite all the disgusting resorts etc.

Been listening to a whole lot of Dylan recently.. If you haven’t heard this song, check it out, it’s fantastic.  Brilliant lyric and not too shabby melody either…..


Dec 26th

4A.M. Ireland. Jet lagged. Was listening to Joy Division and came across this fantastic cover version of Control. Check it out.

October 28

R.I.P. Lou Reed. Walk on the wild side was one of the first songs i ever learned on the bass. One of my all time favorite songs is “perfect day” , doesn’t get any better. This is also a brilliant song. You’re on the wild side now Lou.

October 14

My birthday. Been reading  a bio about Woody Guthrie. So far what i take from it is that he had a really dysfunctional family life. His mother ended up in an asylum. His sister died in a  fire, his dad ended up on the streets. He seems to have spent his early life traveling and reading everything he could get his hands on.  He was quite the savant. Just at the part now where he is starting to figure out how to write songs etc. Very interesting.

Check this out. Gorillaz “stylo” . Bobby Womack is singing his ass off. Unbelievable. What a great performance. I think Gordo is in the video!!

August 6

Boston. Preparing to produce a record for a great singer , Michelle de Rosa.  Just wrote a track called “Never ending Fall” in 20 minutes. I think it might be the fastest i have ever done that.

If you haven’t heard the most recent Feist record, go and BUY it. You won’t be disappointed. I saw her at Newport folk festival. The real deal. Also saw Phosphorescent. Liked them for a while, particularly “wolves” from a few years ago.


June 14

Been listening to Karl Wallinger a lot recently( world party).  One of my all time favorites and a bonafide musical genius in my book. Not just the music , but what he is saying. You will pay tomorrow…..



June 6

Preparing to record a new record. Compiling the songs right now. Heres a provisional working title list…

Black stairs mountain,  Oh the River,  Sunday Train,  Ain’t no Good,  Please Mama,     Since the last time,  Miss you when your gone,  I want to know for sure, Invade my Heart,  Take the Hits.

planning to put together a band and record it live over the summer sometime.

Lets wait and see…

Heres a little snippet of a song about Michael Collins i’m working on called Black Stairs Mountain

  •     Black stairs Mountain demo snippet


April 12

Gordo sent me this the other day. I wanted to share it because it’s magical. Brilliant lyric, great performance from a great singer. Even though Alzheimer’s has him in its’ clutches , he can still pull it off.  “People don’t know when they’re looking at soul”

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  1. You wouldn’t remember me. I’m the guy who used to own Preachers Pub in Cork. Looking back through your videos on YouTube. Great memories. Hope you are well and happy.

    • Hi Ted
      Of course i remember you. Would love to meet up sometime, i am in Cork at the moment. Where are you at the moment?

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