Leftbank Music was founded by William D Lucey in 2011 building upon a career of over twenty years in the music industry as a member of, and chief songwriter for, Irish band Rubyhorse. The band initially came to the states in 1997 with little more than a phone number and some sleeping bags but quickly garnered a large fan base in the Boston area.  They won several awards the following year at the Boston music awards and inked a deal with Interscope/universal records . They went on to record several albums with first Interscope and then Island records, scoring several top twenties, performing on the talk show circuit, and touring as a national act for most of the decade. George Harrison played his signature slide guitar on a song called Punchdrunk from their  Island release “Rise”





William built a studio in Cambridge Ma, called Milk Row Cemetery and now divides his time between composing music for documentaries, commercials etc and his new music project , also called Leftbank. He plays many instruments including guitar, bass, piano and vintage keyboards.  He has released one record to date entitled “ why can’t man be more like animals” and is currently working on another called ” The sky on my Birthday”, due out on Nov 4 2017. He also does  production work, remixes, sound design and writes for other artists. He recently co-wrote the title track “Red to Blue” for an album by Irish singer Mick Flannery which made it to number 1 in Ireland.

William also teaches songwriting at Berklee College of Music in Boston.









Leftbank “My Morphine”

“Fell on Bad Days”


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